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Malang Motorbike Rental 2020 - Garuda Tour

Malang motorbike rental | trail motorbike, sportsbike, and scooter

Garuda Tour is a provider of motorcycle rental services in Malang. If you need a motorcycle for your vacation and trips in Malang, you are on the right website. Because we provide trail bike, sports and scooters motorbike rentals near Malang Train Station. Of course, with low prices, well maintained vehicles, many choices, easy requirements and fast processing.

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Rent a Trail Motorcycle

Rent a Sports Motor

Rent a Scooters Motor

Rent a ATV

sewa truk

Rent a Passenger Truck

Rent a Jeep Car

Rent a Bicycle

Rent a Car

Rent a Bus

Tour & Travel

To rent a motorbike in Tourgaruda is very easy. All you have to do is contact the number available via telephone, sms, or whatsapp. Then our admin will answer and prepare your request.

You only need to prepare the active identification cards such as ID cards and 2 other Identity for bail.

Tourgaruda has various types of automatic and manual motorcycles. Among them are Mio J / Mio Z, Beat, Scoopy, 125cc / 150cc Vario, Suzuki GSX, Dual Sports Crf (Trail), ATV Quad Bike, etc.

Yes,  you can. As long as you can meet our requirements.

We are not responsible for the problems caused by the renters. However, you can still tell us should the problems arise and our mechanic will check the vehicle after your return.

Sure, we can deliver the trail to your place. You just need to tell our admin for the detailed information and the sevice availability. Make sure that you meet all the requirements needed.

Want Cheaper Prices?

Do you want a cheaper price? or want to rent directly delivered to your location? Come directly to contact us here. (Terms & Conditions Apply).


We provide this tour packages for you that want to picnic and also feel tired about your daily activity, let’s take a vacation with Garuda tour, you will get a amazing sensation if you join us.

Malang is a city and regency in East Java. It close to Surabaya about 90 km. Malang has cool atmosphere and is comfortable to visit there. Malang is also the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya. Beside that, Malang is called by City of Education and City of Flowers. Because of the cool natural location and a lot of  land that have green atmosphere, so Malang provides several objects agro-tourism. You can enjoy it using rental motor of Garuda tour.

You can enjoy it with Malang motorbike rental from us.

Malang Bromo Tour

Tour Garuda – Besides providing motor vehicle rental packages, it also provides Malang Bromo tour package facilities, with interesting spots that can amaze your eyes when you tour with us in Malang Bromo. Come join Bromo open trip with Tour garuda, you will get an exciting experience.

Malang Batu Tour

Tour Garuda – Enjoy a memorable holiday experience with Garuda Tour. Providing Malang trail rentals, automatic motorbike rental in Malang, and also Malang motor sport rental. Vehicles are always well maintained, a lot of vehicle, maximum service.beside it, we are also affordable  motorcycle rental in Malang.

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Jl. Ronggolawe Kav 18 No 13-17 Kompleks Batalyon Yonif 512, Ksatrian Kecamatan Blimbing Kota Malang

Rental kendaraan bermotor dan juga sepeda motor yang ada di kota Malang. Harga sewa motor Malang. Dekat dengan stasiun Kota Baru Malang, terminal Arjosari dan bandara.