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We offer open trip  tour  packages to Bromo. You can go wherever you like and do whatever you love to do there. With simple reservation system and reasonable price, you can enjoy all the extensive and up-to-date facilities from us to explore the beauty of Bromo.

If you have a plan to visit Bromo, but you don’t have friends to go with, nor you don’t know where to go and what  to do, this open trip package is for you.

What is Open Trip?

Open trip  is where a random group of people go on a trip together with a pre-determined destination,  trip date, and series of activities to do at the destination.

In an open trip you’ll get much more fun because you’ll get acquinted with a lot of new people from various places. Who knows, you might as well get very lucky and find your soulmate with the same passion in traveling during the trip.

So, this tour package is perfect for you who don’t have a holiday partner or if you want to go on a holiday within a budget

Rundown (Itinerary) Open Trip Bromo 

> 00.30 : Pick up at the meeting point in Malang

> 03.00 : Arrive and head to sunrise point

> 04.00 : Enjoy the sunrise

> 06.00 : Hunting photos at Widodaren

> 08.00 : Enjoy Pasir Berbisik (Whispering sand)

> 09.30 : Enjoy Savanna Bromo

> 10.00 : Visit Teletubbies Hill

> 11.30 : Visit Coban Pelangi (optional)

> 12.30 : Visit Candi Jago (optional)

> 13.30 : Back to Malang

* The above schedule may change due to circumtances reason. Please contact us for more information.

The Price of Open Trip Bromo

Garuda tour offers best vehicle with maximal perfoemance. We providing experienced driver and freindly for your trip to Bromo. So you can feel comfort with our best service.

We can find kind of travel and tour in Malang Surabaya and Batu with affordable or high price depending on their facilities. but, I am sure that you want to your trip with friends can get memorable experince, so will choose the best tour for them.

So, let’s go trip with Garuda tour. You don’t need to think about price or accomadation to Bromo. We will give you best service of your trip.

Why Us??

Mount Bromo is one of active volcanoes in East Java and is nestled in the regencies of Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang.It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java, stands at 2392 m and sits inside the massive Tengger caldera (approximately 5.300 h.a)

The name Bromo is said to derive from the word “Breahma” or “Brama”, a Hindu God. Up to now it is still considered as a holy place for Hindus.

Although Bromo is not as big as other volcanoes in Indonesia, it offers spectacular view, which attracts  a lot of tourists to visit.  You can find the best spot t0 watch the sun rise at View Point Penanjakan on its height, 2780 m. You can also watch Mount Semeru from afar  as the sun slowly casts light over its surrounding and take pictures of its beauty. We will take you there, to the amazing view of Bromo with its memorable experience.

Additional Information

What to Bring:

1. Jacket

Having warm jacket is a must, to protectyou from the freezing temperature there

2. Shoes

We recommend you to wear shoes to protect you during the walk on the rocky and sandy road.

3. Medicines

Basic first aid kit should be ready at hand just in case you need it like paracetamol, eucalyptus oil ,medicine of headache,etc.

4. Mask

We recommend you to bring the mask there to protect your face from dust in dry season of Bromo.

5. Power bank and camera

Power bank is one the important things that you should to Bromo, because there is no electrical plugs there . So it will help you there. Besides, you also need a camera to take pictures of Bromo. you can lose moment  if you don’t take them.

Spots to Visit

Penanjakan Peak

It is the best spot to enjoy the sunrise. We must go there at 3.00 AM by rental jeep , so we can find the beauty of sunrise.

Widodaren Photo Spot

After enjoying the sunrise we’ll take you to Widodaren to take pictures or memories beauty of Bromo.

Mount Bromo Crater

We can use horse rental from the parking area or walk about 1,5 km and find 250 stairs to reach crater of Bromo. we walk in sandy road and pass the shrine of Tengger ethnic. It uses to be Yadya Kasada celebration or Kasodo ritual.

Bromo crater was from eruption of Tengger mountain. It has diameter about ± 800 meters (north-south) and ± 600 meters (east-west). Beside it,there is dangerous part that has diameter 4 km from crater.

Bromo Desert

Bromo has beautiful and wide desert around caldera precisely in the eastern part of Bromo mountain. Beside it, there is a shrine that is used as a  worship place of tengger community.

Teletubies Hill of Bromo

Teletubies hill has beautiful sunrise view, crater, desert, savannah, and surrounded by hills that complete the amzing of Bromo scenery.

Professional Service

You can acces kind of information of open trip Bromo now. You can get from internet, partners or friends. So you can get some information about holiday to tour service of Bromo.

Garuda tour provides best service for you, there is customer service that answer you for 24 hour. Besides, we will inform you about the service, facilities and price when you choose open trip Bromo.

Garuda tour provides website that help the tourist to check and decide the Bromo packages that will be taken for their holiday. We suggest that you confirm the packages before you go there.

Garuda tour is the best tour for you, your company or family that want to enjoy amazing of Bromo. so, let’s go guyss, booking now in Garuda tour!!!